Spokane County Sheriff’s deputies said on Thursday that charges will not be filed in an attempted baby abduction investigation at Arcadia Elementary. In fact, deputies called the attempted abduction claims “unfounded.” 

Detectives found the person of interest and conducted multiple interviews. 
Authorities said no witnesses came forward. They also found no evidence confirming the person of interest even touched the eleven-month-old.  

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The investigation began Tuesday when a woman reported that someone tried to steal her daughter during a Deer Park event on Monday.  She claimed that baby was in her stroller behind her and her nine-year-old was in front of her.  The woman said she was paying attention to her nine-year-old and when she looked back, she saw an adult female had unstrapped her baby and was holding her.

The complainant said the female put her daughter back in the stroller.  She then slapped the woman in the face according to authorities. Deputies said an unknown adult male stood between the two females to de-escalate the situation.