Police said a mother threw her child down an embankment Saturday afternoon near a home in Northwest Spokane.

Authorities said a man was working on a home on W. Mission near N. West Point Road around 2:30 Saturday afternoon. He told police a woman and her child approached him and asked for some water.

After he provided them with water, he called police because he said he was concerned that they had nowhere else to go. Then, he said he saw the mother throw the 1-year-old child into the air and over a fence. The child then fell 50 feet down the embankment and hit a tree. Another person at the scene was able to get the child and bring him up the embankment to safety.

Officials said the child was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The mother, Destiny Ahenakew, 25, was arrested and booked into jail for First Degree Assault of a Child.

Ahenakew has had previous run ins with Spokane Police but nothing related to violence.

Officers said the child was still in the hospital Monday morning. They also said they are working with Child Protective Services in this case.