A memorial was planned at Fairchild Air Force Base Friday, marking the 20th anniversary of a dark day in Fairchild’s history. 

On June 20, 1994, a gunman, former Airman Dean Mellberg, entered Fairchild Hospital looking for two mental health doctors he blamed for his discharge from the military. Four people were killed and 19 others injured in the ensuing rampage. Mellberg was stopped and killed by Andrew Brown, a senior airman assigned to security forces and working a bike patrol at the time.

The 92nd Medical Group was set to host a ceremony Friday afternoon to honor those killed and hurt that day. Brown was invited to be the guest speaker, 20 years after he was able to stop the shooter before more lives were lost.

Following his actions in the 1994 shooting, Brown was awarded the Airman’s Medal by President Clinton. He stayed in the Air Force until 1999 but struggled with post-traumatic stress. He sought help through the Veterans Affairs Department and has been able to stay in law enforcement, working with the Border Patrol in Spokane, Wash. His website, fairchildhospitalshooting.com, was created to remember the victims and the tragic events of that day.

Friday's ceremony at Memorial Park was scheduled for 3 p.m. The memorial is not open to the public but media was invited to attend to cover the service.