Sources claim the man accused of kidnapping a 3-year-old boy may have lured him into his car.

Detectives have worked this case extensively. They have photographed the victim’s home, taken measurements, and searched the area. However, there is no evidence that the suspect, Richard Welch, ever entered the home according to sources close to the investigation.

Sources believe the little boy wandered out at the exact moment Welch drove by the boy’s home.

Police said they believe Richard Welch, 55, took the child from the boy's home to his home at the All Season’s Motel in Airway Heights.  Welch eventually took the child with him to an Airway Heights convenience store, according to investigators. Police said Welch then left the child with a clerk. A convenience store clerk called 911 to report the suspicious activity around 4:36 a.m.

Sources said investigators went through the boy’s home and found no evidence Welch ever broke in.

The boy was found with his blanket that was left in a closet. Sources claim the boy was able to demonstrate that he could get the blanket himself. The mother reported hearing a strange noise that she thought might have been a knock at the door around 2 or 3 a.m.

Detectives are still investigating if the little boy may have answered the door.

Sources also said Welch was kicked out of a local strip club after he was being unruly less than an hour before he took the toddler.

Welch claimed he saw the boy standing alone on the street. Sources said investigators are checking into the theory the toddler was possibly walking toward where his mother works.

Detectives have found no relationship between Welch and the family.

Sources said police did check security video of a neighbors and did not see Welch’s truck stalking the home.