An inmate at the Spokane County Jail is changing his story about his self-described “Cinderella story” connection to a local deputy prosecutor. 

KREM 2 News received three more letters on Wednesday from Matthew Baumrucker. 

The inmate became entangled in a federal investigation earlier in the summer. In August, unsealed court records revealed that deputy prosecutor Marriya Wright was placed on administrative leave in  April after investigators said she helped Baumrucker evade arrest.

Baumrucker was eventually caught on a drug warrant. However, that is when detectives claimed the deputy prosecutor from Spokane County used her credentials to repeatedly visit Baumrucker in jail. Court records detailed that she even gave him a picture of her in a bikini.

UNSEALED RECORDS: Deputy prosecutor sent bikini picture to Spokane inmate

In August, Baumrucker wrote KREM 2 News and called his alleged relationship with Wright a “Cinderella story.” However, by the end of August their story had turned into something else according to Baumrucker’s second letter where he called Wright a “wolf in sheep's clothing.”

Baumrucker originally described the pair as two people from the wrong side of the tracks, on the wrong side of the law. 

WATCH: Letter calls alleged inmate-deputy prosecutor relationship a “Cinderella story” 

In the following letter, Baumrucker claimed that Wright used him mentally and emotionally.  He added that it kills him to know while he sits "broken hearted and federally indicted" that she is free and getting a paid leave of absence.

KREM 2 News previously reported that as of August 25, she was still collecting roughly $6,000 to $7,000 of tax-payer dollars every month in her paycheck.

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Baumrucker’s letter claimed that he and Wright exchanged letters and he has various forms of proof of their connection. He ended the letter saying their relationship was “above and beyond what anyone could have ever imagined.”

The Spokane County Prosuector’s Offices has turned Wright into the Washington Bar Association.
They added that they are continuing to cooperate fully with the FBI.