The more than 100-year-old home that was sold for $1 in North Spokane in 2011 finally has new location. 

The 1889 home was moved in the early morning hours on Sunday near Spokane Community College.

Scott McConnel bought the Victorian style home two years ago for $1 to restore it. Avista Utilities sold the house for $1 under the condition McConnel would also move it. In 2013, a moving team got the home out of its original location before the company would have bulldozed the building. However, it took another year to finish the nearly two-mile move. 

Next, the house will become a home for prayer and worship called ‘My Father’s House.’ Organizers said all denominations will be welcome. 

My Father’s House will still be moved one more time once a foundation is created at Marshall and Greene Street. The new location will feature a basement for music, worship and prayer. 

The home does feature a kitchen and rooms, however Grether said the building is not a place to find shelter but only prayer. 

My Father’s House is schedule to open in 2015.

The three-story, 40 by 60 foot home was built in 1889 by a pioneer who moved to Spokane to build bridges.