The streets of Downtown Spokane turn into one big party on Saturday to raise money for ALS.

It's the third year friends of former NFL star Steve Gleason are raising awareness for ALS research by hosting Gleason Fest at the corner of Division and Main Street.

“We really get outside of the box with Gleason Fest. It's not run of the mill. It's unique,” said organizer Jimmy Ramirez.

Local bars on the streets where Team Gleason will take over began prepping on Thursday for the massive fundraiser. Red Lion Tavern has an entire walk-in freezer waiting for 900 pounds of ice to arrive for a mass ice-bucket challenge.

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More than 2,000 people are expected to show up to listen to live music, eat and donate.

The big block party comes with a serious goal. Organizers set the bar high and hope to raise $30,000. Gleason Fest still needs to raise $9,000 more, and will charge $20 for admission per person.

Friends who have grown up with Steve say he wakes up every day with a mission. Gleason Fest is their way to achieve their mission and show that Spokane is behind finding a cure.

“When you think about his daily life and how much suffering he does,  you think ‘well gosh I can get up in the morning. I can get out of bed. I can get fired up about helping Steve out. I mean he would give anything just to walk,’ said organizer Ryan Thielman.