Eastern Washington University is preparing for the first football game of the season. This year they have the honor of hosting the first game in all of college football.

The game is sold out and it will be seen on national television. Leaders at EWU said the game will be one of the greatest opportunities for the country to see and learn more about their university.

On Thursday afternoon, the Eagles were on the field practicing for Saturday’s home opener and the start of college football across the country.

A crew from ESPN was also on campus setting up equipment to broadcast the game. It is an exciting moment for everyone at Eastern.

“This might be literally the biggest thing to happen to our university,” said Lisa Poplawski from EWU Alumni Advancement.

Students are not back in classes yet but they and alumni around the country will get to enjoy the game.

“To have an alum down in Florida or in New York, have them turn on the TV and see their alma mater and show them off is a great point of pride,” said Poplawski.

Staff members are also excited to introduce their school to a new audience. It is a chance to introduce EWU to a massive audience that normally does not get to watch the team play.

To celebrate the game, the university will be hosting an alumni event at Riverpark Square Friday at 3 pm