Authorities said a drunk driver crashed through a homeowner’s fence, hit a garage and several cars Wednesday evening near 8th and Carnahan. 

When a deputy arrived on scene, he saw a blue Chevy full-size van in the driveway of the victim’s home. The chain link at the home had also been driven through.

Officials said the van hit a truck in the driveway and hit another truck in front of it. That truck went through the garage door and hit a car parked inside the garage. The car that was hit inside the garage ran into another car that was also parked inside the garage.

There was also a fence post that was lodged into the opposite side of the garage door and stuck in the bumper of a different car parked inside the garage.  The three cars that were damaged in the garage were classic cars that the homeowner was restoring.

He said this was not the first time an event like this had happened at his home. The City of Spokane Valley said homeowners can contact the traffic division and fill out an online request. The city should investigate the issue within five days. 

Authorities said Paul Chavez, 63, damaged five parked cars, the victim’s garage, fence, garden and waterline.

There is a silver lining though for Yarbrough. One of his trucks was spared of any damage.

Chavez told the deputy his brakes went out while he was driving down Carnahan. The deputy determined Chavez was extremely intoxicated during a brief conversation.

He was arrested for DUI and refused a breathalyzer. The deputy also got a search warrant for Chavez’s blood. He was booked into jail for DUI and toxicology results are pending.