The librarian at Tonasket High School was arrested Tuesday for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student and her husband was arrested too on separate charges. 

Leaders with the Tonasket Police Department said the student in question was 18. However, Elizabeth A. Kinkade, 37, could face a class C felony because the teenager was student.  Kinkade faced a judge in court on Wednesday in Okanogan County on the charge of sexual misconduct with a minor. 

Investigators believe the alleged relationship did not happen on school grounds. They confirmed that no other students were involved with Kinkade.

On Wednesday, the Tonasket School Board voted unanimously to terminate Kinkade immediately.

The Okanogan County Sheriff’s deputies were called to Kinkade’s home on Monday when someone reported shot being fired. Upon arrival, Kinkade and her husband were home according to authorities. She admitted to having an affair, her husband then fired a weapon, and 911 was called according to deputies. Authorities said Kinkade’s husband was arrested at the scene for discharging a firearm in a residential area.