A McDonald’s restaurant along Hamilton near Gonzaga is causing some headaches for the city of Spokane.

The city is now imposing a six-month moratorium on issuing permits to other developers who want a similar design. 

Many in the Logan Neighborhood are upset the city did not tell them the burger chain was going to build there.

Pressure is being put on city officials to adhere to what is called CC1 zoning. It is a type of zoning that makes it easier for pedestrians to frequent businesses along Hamilton.

The moratorium will stop any structures what may be similar to the McDonald’s design until they can update the zoning codes.

The neighborhoods planning committee complained McDonalds was not conforming to what is called ‘center a corridor’ zoning. This is a type of zoning designed to promote pedestrian friendly streets, similar to the Perry and Garland district.

The McDonalds will have only a drive-thru and a walk up window but no restaurant inside.

One of the biggest issues is that there are no access points into the McDonald’s off Hamilton.

Neighbors said it is going to create a safety concern because there is only one way in and one way out.

Councilwoman Amber Waldref expects the moratorium to be lifted in about three months so the city can finalize some new codes.